• 15 Glacier View Drive,  Kalispell, Montana 59901

The Sunshine Factory

The Sunshine Factory provides a warm, safe, comfortable home away from home for families of critically injured or seriously ill children who are hospitalized or receiving treatment at Logan Health Children’s to get a break from the hospital.

Located 100 steps from the children’s hospital, the Sunshine Factory, opened its doors to families on July 1, 2022. Families are met with the aroma of fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies as they enter a special space to re-charge, relax, and rejuvenate.

The main floor, grand room, is a gathering place for families to enjoy a hot meal, sit and visit by a toasty fire in the fireplace, or just relax watching a movie. 

A little feeling of home, to ease the stress of the hospital.

On the second floor, we offer a serenity floor with two private bedrooms and baths, and private balconies overlooking the Swan Mountain Range for caregivers. 

In addition to a quiet place to take a nap, the serenity floor has a relaxing spa for meditation, massage therapy, and pedicures.
For siblings and children undergoing treatment, they can burn-off energy in the playroom. 

With four playhouses including a dress-up boutique, a market, a clinic, and a camper, in the playroom kids can just be kids. 

For the teens, we have a video/gaming room. And of course, the best part of the playroom, is a ride down the slide from the main floor to the playroom.

The outside is just as amazing as the inside of the Sunshine Factory. With a children’s playground on one side of the property, including two slides, a tunnel, and lots of climbing apparatus. 

On the other side of the property, is a mediation garden with a water feature and sculpture, a place to reflect and enjoy nature.

Fly Through Tour

Get a birds eye view and tour of the sunshine factory. This drone footage will give you a sense of how this facility can benefit those who just need a place to get away and relax  for a while. 

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